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Oh hay sup LJ, it's been, what? Since Xmas? I guess it has.

The ol' blog thing has been neglected since I have made a decision to minimize so-called social media in my life. Most of the people who I used to interact with here have moved into that noisy barroom brawl otherwise known as Facebook, so I grudgingly left that venue as the last one I would keep mostly open for business on my end. Even so, I rarely post much there either. It's just me being me, or actually the old me, the one who just keeps quiet and watches the world around myself doin' its thang. Just about everyone I would interact with on here has ended most extended contact anyway, no phone calls, emails or other off-LJ interactions too. So, social media has become more isolating than ever for me. Sad, but it is what it is, I suppose. I still try to keep up with what few regular posters are up to, but even that is getting more difficult. Nearly every time I start reading my friends list, I have to first go and find the giant photo(s) that people post that blow apart my friends list view. Despite having all high resolution screens, a 16 megapixel photo or worse brings about the scroll bars of doom on my end. Some of your selected formats constrain large photos in your view, but not others. I get hugeness in all its grainy glory. Some days I open this thing up, find my screen is three sizes too small, and just give up.

Life here has been interesting. Jeff and I took our first winter vacation, a ten-day Caribbean cruise last month. We had a blast, made new friends, did many strenuous activities like kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, bicycling all over Puerto Rico, you name it. Here's the best part: I did this all while relatively pain free, a first for this time of year since 2008. Last year at this time I was laid up with spine troubles, but this winter has been mostly normal. This had the side benefit of making winter itself fly by. Now with spring in the air, I've been busy outside in the yard and garage, catching up on projects I started years ago. It feel great. I'm still cautious, of course, and sometimes fear I will cause more injuries if I overexert myself. So far, so good though.

Not sure what I will do insomuch as continued use of this venue. I will try to keep current, or at least try to post comments when I read. I miss the good old days.
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