Happy Xmas

Dec. 24th, 2015 11:38 pm
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My posting here hasn't been frequent, as most of you reading have probably noticed. I still peek in a couple times a week to read and comment when I can, so, rest assured, I'm still reading everyone on my friends list, even if I don't always comment. All that being said, life here has been pretty much okay for the most part, I've been busy as hell, with our own needs as well as helping out a couple friends that haven't had it so good in recent times. I am happy that, for the first time in six years, I am able to enjoy a Christmas day not immobile with pain and drugged mostly out of my senses. I've decided that this gift of normalcy is one I am sharing with people, lending a hand where I can. Money for me is very tight, so physical gifts are small this year. I feel happy doing what I can, and it certainly proves something I've known for a long time, that the gift is in the giving.

I hope everyone here in LJ-Land has a wonderful Holiday.


Jun. 20th, 2014 12:40 am
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I am not one to solicit things from people, but I am doing this since a few people have asked if we had a wedding registry. At first, it wasn't going to be, but after being asked early on, and given our common use of Amazon.com for so much stuff, we put two and two together and I created a wedding registry for us there. Now, I am new to this in more ways than one. We originally were going to eschew (gesundheit!) any gifts for ourselves, however, for many, the gift is in the giving. I am in that camp as well, I like to be generous in any way I can, it's how I was raised, after all. I myself don't like to be denied the opportunity to give of myself, and such is the case with more than just a few of our friends as well. That being said, Jeff and I have been trying to come up with various items we could use. As I said before, I am new to this, and once I figured out how to get it going, it should be easy. Well, it's tough to think of desired gifts. We've been slowly adding to the list. It hasn't been without a humorous side effect though. Adding a registry to my account also added an extra button on every product page. I use a wish list to bookmark items to compare and to hold off until later. Well, the registry button took the original position of the wish list, and by accident I had been adding all sorts of totally unlikely "wedding gifts" to the registry. Tools, computer parts, hardware, car stuff, you name it. Jeff wondered why some odd shit was there and I had to laugh. I took most of it out but left a couple things there for the laugh value. I mean, a receiver hitch for the car? Heck, we are getting hitched... lmao

So, here it is. Our wedding registry. We'll be thinking of stuff to add as the day grows near.
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Today is my honey's birfday! Happy birthday, Jeff!

Sadly, the gifts I ordered for him did not make it in time, but I managed to surprise him with roses and a corny card (with my own added loving sentiment) this morning before he went to work, and we spent the evening at like omg the mall eating Chipotle and doing shopping. All in all a great day for a great guy in my life.

So together, we are all of a hunnert years old now. Here's to another hundred!
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Is there anyone on my f-list who is currently a "Basic" or "Plus" LJ account holder and has been considering an upgrade to a paid account? Livejournal has this somewhat odd offer to current paid members and permanent account holders (me) which gives them the opportunity to send a $10 dollar "coupon" to basic/plus users toward an upgrade to paid account status. To wit:

Share the love with our $10 holiday coupons! If you're a Paid or Permanent user, you can send up to 10 Basic or Plus users a $10 coupon to upgrade to a one year paid account.

Recipients can upgrade for $9.95 (instead of $19.95) for one year by enrolling in our automatic payment plan or make a manual payment of $15 (instead of $25). Please note that these coupons are not transferable and cannot be used to renew existing paid accounts.

As it says, this cannot go toward paid account renewal (suckage), but does make the first year quite a bit cheaper. Is anyone interested in this? Let me know. The offer seems to last until 15 Jan., though I am not sure if the coupon has to be used on that date or before, or not. I can 'send' a coupon only to someone on my f-list, but if anyone reading this currently not forcing themselves to read my pointless blather on my friends list can let me know, I'll add and then send off the coupon.

Sorry about the delay, I was first aware of this on the 16th, but it slipped my mind (like so much else these days).
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Here's to everyone a Wonderful Holiday, Merry Christmas and Joyous Yuletide, wherever and however you celebrate it. May your best gift be something completely unexpected and grand. And thanks to all those here on LJ for being the great gifts all year long.



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