Pink tears

Feb. 24th, 2014 09:41 pm
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Why is it I can hear a song a million times, have minimal reactions to it for the most part, but suddenly have it hit me like a ton of bricks on a speeding train falling off a bridge? It happened today, and the song was Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here." Mind you, I've had the album since it came out in 1975. I used to play the guitar parts by recording myself on tape then following along the same way the song does at the intro, singing in my terrible voice all the way through. I know all the words. I know the meaning, which is basically missing someone or feelings of loss, as Roger Waters wrote as he and the rest of the Floyds lamenting the departure of band-mate Syd Barrett due to increasing mental breakdowns. Yet here I was, being domestic during the day and taking the opportunity to give a high-dB listening to my recently purchased Wish You Were Here Immersion box set. I had the 2009 5.1-channel mix playing while I did various tasks and cleaned the living room. When the subject song came on in full surround splendor, as "Have a Cigar" sucked itself into tinny nothingness and into the opening segment with the radio being tuned among the static, until the now famous guitar lines are found was coming from the back surround speakers, with the harmonizing "lead" feeling as if it was in the middle of the front of the room. I dropped what I was doing and sat on the Swiss exercise ball I use for my back rehab. And I sat there dumbstruck at first, slightly swaying by the all-so-familiar lyrics.

I then began bawling my eyes out.

I thought of how I lost Mom, and how I lost so many good friends over the years, even my long-gone pets. This entirely too familiar piece of music, albeit one of my favorites, took on a new life and feeling as it swept me into a totally not unpleasant trip through my thoughts. Even Snickles, who was playful and carrying on not a moment before, sat for a moment watching me staring blankly into the room with tear-filled eyes before standing between my knees and gripping my one leg in a kind of hug with his head tight in my lap for the rest of the song. He's never done that before. It might've been a painful five-and-a-half minutes in some ways, but it was wonderfully cathartic, completely unexpected and it left me with a warm, comfortable feeling for the remainder of the day. Jeff came home and I played some of the other tracks from the set, including the original quadraphonic mix not heard since it was originally released on Quad LP and 8-track. Even Jeff didn't mind the half-kilowatt plus of amplified goodness while he was making dinner. He usually tells me to turn the music down when he gets home after a long day at work. For Jeff, it was a chance for him to relive a wonderfully relaxing moment we had at Hillside along with some friends we've since lost touch with. It was a quiet night, alongside the creek that runs through the lower part of the campground. I had my iPod filled with lots of Pink Floyd, and we played this as well as DSotM at an elevated volume enjoying the solitude the moment brought us.

Ah, memories.

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In our continuing quest to exist among Mother Nature's temper tantrums, Jeff and I left Hillside around 3pm or so Saturday before the weather got nasty. We kept our eyes on various weather reports, keeping a minimal setup so we could hightail it out of there at a moment's notice. Instead, we had a leisurely drive back to Jeff's 'rents place to drop off the trailer and await Irene's soaking. We spent our last night camping in the driveway as the rain and wind pelted the trailer. We spent the morning hanging out there, having an early dinner the drove back home to MD. The weather kept clearing up as we drove south, once we hit the Maryland line we were greeted with beautiful weather, as I had hoped. Once we got near home it became apparent there was no power (traffic lights and stores dark, etc) despite no damage to speak of. I fired up the generator to halt the thawing happening in three freezers. Once we settled in, we surveyed practically no damage here aside from a pretty much shredded vegetable garden. We picked about a bushel of tomatoes which will become sauce, chili sauce and other goodies this week.

We are currently watching the news detailing how widespread the damage and power outages are, though here at Casa Mayhem life is normal. The monster generator chugging away out at the garage providing all the power we need, even enough to make a nice pizza for dinner in the electric oven. We are lucky damage wise, and our preparations have come in handy. Internet here thanks to my 3G hotspot, since the cable is out for the duration.

We have one more camping trip scheduled for next month. I wonder what kind of natural disaster awaits us till then.
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After riding out our little (well, not that little, actually) earthquake earlier in the week, which actually caused damage where Jeff works, we thought it would be nice to go out camping this weekend, our scheduled trip to Hillside. But wouldn't you know, after Ma Nature had her fit of the tremors, that she'd begin her heavy flow days thanks to her cousin Irene. We did what any sane person would do, which is check the weather reports for the area before deciding what to do. We saw that the area would be affected, not to mention much more so south of Hillside where home is, which is going to get hit that much harder. We did the smart thing.

And went camping anyway. X-D

So we are enjoying a nice relaxing night of perfect weather, but it appears that the rain is supposed to hit the area starting in the late afternoon, and become its worse on Sunday, our usual time of pulling up stakes and heading home. We'll watch the reports, and most likely head home tomorrow afternoon, dropping the trailer off at Jeff's parents. We'll head all the way home on Sunday, but without the trailer to worry about. Knowing me, I'll probably be acting like Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump, shaking my fist to the sky during the big storm scene, yelling, "YOU CALL THIS A STORM?!" =D

A good 80% of times, it rains at least some at Hillside each time we come here. Last time we were basically drenched, but managed to make good of the weekend anyway. This is just a typical weekend.
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You probably didn't take notice, but there has been an extended period of radio silence on this here bloggy-poo. The reason? Some much-needed vacation time. It was actually a two-parter, the July 4th weekend was spent up at Hillside for 4 days, a return home for us so Jeff could do some worky-worky stuff for a couple days, then a return to the road for a trip to Provincetown for Bear Week. I set the controls at the House and Garage of Mayhem on full auto, the antipersonnel laser vaporizing a trespasser (or it might have been the meter reader, I'll see what the electric company says) but apparently missing the sly groundhog that took liberties (and big bites) with some of the garden veggies.

The Hillside trip was nice. We had on board with us a couple friends, one we knew for years on and offline (former LJer Aaron/"fredneckteddy") and a buddy of Jeff's all the way from North Carolina, Tony, whom Jeff had been conversing online for a very long time and met in person for the first time upon picking him up at the train station on Wednesday. A good time was had by all, lots of good food was cooked and eaten, and, as is apparently an unwritten law for Hillside camping, at least part of the time spent there had us rained on. Tony, being a Hillside "virgin", had a lot of fun despite being at times overwhelmed by, well, the people and things going on there. Hell, he's ate it all up and had a blast. Aaron was last at Hillside maybe 8 years prior, and had no trouble adjusting (yeah, that's what I'll call it for now, "adjusting"). Once the extended weekend was over, I towed our 26 ft home back to its summer parking spot at Jeff's parent's place, leaving it connected to the truck and driving home in the car that we also brought up. This allowed us a substantial fuel savings, and the convenience of having the rig all ready to go again in three days.

We headed up to PTown at the crack of dawn on Thursday, arriving about mid-afternoon. After setting up and a bit of a break, we headed into town. Of course, our first stops are at Mojo's for a big cup of Cape Iced tea, and a stop at the Portuguese Bakery. Any familiar faces or "bears" had yet to make any sort of mass appearance since the bear week event did not officially start until Saturday. We were treated to lots of muscled Chelsea Boy types among other homosexual subspecies. Once the official start of Bear Week approached and passed, the eye candy quotient went into orbit. Jeff and I were quite content with finding outdoor seating at restaurants, shops and the town square and watching the parade of hair humans, many quite familiar from years past. Several of our well-known friends popped up in all the usual places once again, and I got to meet quite a few LJ peeps for the first time, more so than in previous years. There were apparently some missed opportunities as well as outright ignoring by a few people, a major (though not entirely unexpected) disappointment,

Our extended week had us doing our traditional whale watch boat trip, typical shopping sprees and general lolling about town, not to mention eating some of the most awesomest food around every day. We took Kodi with us into town every day, where he soaked in rockstar-like popularity heaped on him by dozens of people at a time. It didn't help that, in addition to his adorable doggy-ness, he would ride in Jeff's bicycle basket through town or carried in a over-the-shoulder sling pouch, both of these carriers designed specifically for pooch perambulating. In addition to the miles of walking, toting and riding, Kodi managed over 1200 miles of puke-free riding from Mayhem Acres all the way to PTown and back. It's like he knows it's vacation time, and relaxes immediately. If this could only be the case with every road trip! It was Kodi's first trip to the beach, where he eventually had a blast dog-paddling in the water once getting used to it.

This year, our vacation accompanies a big change in both of us, as we are officially two middle-aged men with major medical conditions. Jeff was not able to ride nearly as far on his bike as in years past, and I still fumbled my way around a bit while walking. Despite this, we both did remarkably well IMO, with Jeff taking the little rides in stride and I didn't end up falling down once. We even managed to take part in the now-standard-feature-of-Bear-Week, Blowoff. This was short lived, as the dance floor at the Boat Slip Resort resembled a sauna, with the heat and humidity oppressive to say the least. The next day Jeff was hit with a case of "kennel cough" and I still have a case of intermittent sniffles. We are either way too old for this sort of thing, or someone has to provide several thousand more cfm of ventilation to that place.

There's much more, but, sad, to say, all good things have to come to an end, after an 11-hour trip off the Cape and back to the trailer's summer parking spot, a night's sleep, then the additional 2.5 hour trip home this afternoon, our vacation for 2011 officially ended. While sad, and seemingly awfully short, we packed a lot into the time we had, and were glad to arrive home in one piece, bettered by our time spent up north. We are already making plans for next year.

More (possibly) to come...
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I've not been posting much around these parts for fear that it would be filled with the typical downer screed of recent entries. Suffice it to say, I've been trying my best to make good out of a bad situation, and, frankly, it's finally started to wear me down. This past weekend was our last camping trip of the summer. Jeff was stuck working, so I managed to load up the stuff into the truck, fetched the trailer then headed on up to Hillside for the final time of the year. THis time it was a bit different, since we had guests already staying on the site earlier in the week and had been awaiting our arrival. I had a bunch of wonderful help in getting set up, once that was done, however, I was in so much pain I was miserable, and that fact was not lost among my fellow campers. Since I was not going to take any of my Rush Limbaugh feelgood pills before piloting nearly 50 feet and six tons of truck and trailer a couple hundred miles with a crazy dog in my lap for fear of falling asleep at the wheel (the damn stuff knocks me out), by the time I had arrived, set up and tried to unwind, I was a twitchy, pain-addled mess. Once I popped the pills and stretched out, I eventually felt a bit more comfortable and enjoyed my company. We all turned in early that night, and I was blessed with Hillside's eerie silence before the weekend people began to show up. The 'contin makes me have strange, often extremely entertaining dreams of a vivid nature that make Yellow Submarine seem like a budget planning meeting by comparison. The very cool (mid-40s!) nights made sleeping more like hibernating, only adding to the psychedelia.

Jeff came down the next day after having to work on his day off (sound familiar?), and he joined us in the evening before dinner. He was having his own pain issues as well, but we made the best of it. I was stuck hanging around the campsite again, though I did make one trek up the hill to the afternoon party on Saturday, but did not stay long. I'm sure I missed out on seeing some folk, I hope to see them again in the future when I'm not such an invalid. The weekend overall was positive for me, but I know I was being quite antisocial despite my efforts to the contrary. I just don't do well around friends or crowds when I am ailing. And since this condition has kept on progressing for the worst, I'm pretty much Groucho Grouchy McGroucherson (nee Crankypants).

I sense that Jeff is finally starting to tire of my condition as well, and even my ability to make use of my time is starting to fade. Slowing down like this puts me into a deeper funk, and I mostly wander off now just to minimize my effect on others. I'm still waiting for a time for my unavoidable surgery, which has become more involved than originally planned. The laminectomy that was to be performed on a single vertebra has been increased in scope to the L4, L5 and T1 segments, for a total of three. While I am being reassured that I will maintain most if not all of my mobility/abilities, something tells me that having not just one, but three consecutive sections of bone removed leaving the muscles unattached to anything but themselves leads me to believe that a lot of what I was able to do as a young punk is now firmly in the past. Time will tell, of course, and anything would be better than what I am currently experiencing. My bruised shins from stumbling and falling are outward evidence that life is not all peaches and Mayhem anymore. Jeff had tickets for the Penn State opener next weekend, He sent them away, hopefully to be used. I know he was looking forward to this game, but dragging me along to is was probably going to be an exercise in (more) futility for him. I feel awful for that, and I really wish I could crawl under a rock.

I will manage all of this in some way. Having my finances now firmly below the poverty level will add another layer of stress. At least it's not zero. Yet. Now all I have to do is try and get the medical end of it all in gear. Things move at a glacial pace for some reason. All I wish for is for this to be over and a return to normalcy in my life.
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It is "Illuminations" weekend at Hillside. It's a weekend that Jeff and I loved to attend, but rarely could simply because it's the most popular weekend by far, and by the time we get in for reservations, all the good sites (or in our case, the couple sites we can fit our trailer into) are snapped up. This year, however, luck was with us, and we managed to get our usual spot for this weekend. We were excited. Of course, as the time between making reservations (beginning in March) and this weekend, my health took a nosedive with the spinal stenosis diagnosis, but I've tried my best to make use of our time and not lose our deposits. Well, I think I overplayed my hand. Or my spine, in this case. We bagged last weekend's trip because I had a procedure done and I did not think I'd be ready. No improvement was made since, but we just had to come to see the spectacle here for the first time in over 5 years. I did my best at helping decorate the site and when evening fell and the lights came up, we started our trek. I collapsed not more than 15 sluggish minutes into it and had to come back to our campsite.

This is why I am here inside the camper with a fucking laptop instead of being out and around, much less even simply sitting outside watching the people. I am so fucking fed up with this, I'm pretty sure the last chance at shots coming up will do absolutely nothing and the surgery (a laminectomy) that follows will leave me a worthless lump until the 6-8 week projected recovery period passes, and even then there is no guarantee that I will be near normal in terms of mobility. Tonight the nosedive was literal, and the pain, spasms and collapsing will only be getting worse. After we return home tomorrow and the week progresses with doc appointments and such, I will try to apply for another temporary handicapped parking pass, something I was too stubborn to do this time but have no choice now. I can barely get around anymore, and I don't hold too much hope for it to return to the effortless past as far as abilities go. Yeah, I'm rambling, but honestly, I've had enough. I'm staying away from friends and socializing for the foreseeable future, I don't need more humiliation than I experienced tonight.

Camp daddy

Aug. 3rd, 2009 12:19 am
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I will probably elaborate further about our weekend, but for now I will say that we have [ profile] champdaddy sleeping quietly after a somewhat rain-soaked weekend of camping at Hillside. As much as I wish I had control over the weather, sadly I don't. The Champ assures us he had an awesome time. Tomorrow morning Jeff will scoot him to the airport for the rest of his trip home. He's a wonderful man who would make a trip to even the drugstore a much more engaging experience.

For now, though, it's off to bed for me.


Aug. 24th, 2008 11:43 pm
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This weekend was our last camping trip to Hillside, wrapping up four trips there, a trip to Deep Creek Lake, and, of course, Provincetown. Seems like it was not long ago that Jeff and I were planning these trips and so looking forward to them. Now they are ones for the history books. Where does the time go?

The weather could not have been better. Hillside is notorious for having freak storms, total rain-outs and snow in May. This is to be expected in a northern, mountainous region. This time, though, we enjoyed a perfect summer, full of friends, fun, frolic, food and dogs.

It was not a perfect trip for everyone, though. Jeff was stuck working on Friday, leaving it for me to me to fetch the trailer from his mom 'n' dad's place and haul it to the campgrounds solo, with Kodi never leaving my lap. Jeff calls me later in the day saying he will be much later due to problems with one of his staff. Two of our guests were completely unable to make it due to similar coworker problems, interrupting a tradition we've had going for a while. Chris, another friend staying with us had a damper tossed on his time by a troublesome tummy bug. But, we all made the best of things and had a good time despite the setbacks. We managed to find some old friends we havent seen in ages and took some time to catch up, picking up as if we had just seen each other yesterday.

Finally got to meet [ profile] _angry_alan, smiling and looking anything but angry, relaxing and kicking back with his buds.

My Achilles's tendon was bothering me too much to do a whole lot of walking around this time around. Still, I made it up to the bonfire on Saturday night where we hung out with more friends and LJers. The strangest part of that evening? A rather excited youngish man came up to me and said he had seen me before, at first not sure where. He then matched me to the lip-sync video I did as part of the meme started by [ profile] chrisglass a few years back, who he also mentioned by name. He knew the song I used as well ("Heartbeat" by The DeFranco Family). We chatted a while about all the videos that ended up being made and how much that meme made my day(s) at a time when I needed some cheer. I felt like an unwitting rock star, with my fan club of one. It made my night.

I woke up this morning to one of the most intense charleyhorses ever in my right calf, causing extreme pain for at least twenty minutes and a limp for the better part of the day. It still hurts, and I am afraid it might fire off again some time during the night.

We said our goodbyes, dragged the trailer home and relaxed, watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. We have one more camping trip in October at Knoebels, continuing a tradition we started last year. After that, the trailer gets mothballed until next year, hopefully to take with us to many new places. And old ones.
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Jeff is up at the bonfire, socializing and enjoying himself. I'm back at the campsite with only Kodi as company. I thought I could make it, but my thoughts and memories got the best of me again.

Tomorrow marks two years since I lost my Mom to cancer. I still miss her greatly. This does not get any easier, but I guess I am learning to cope with the feelings of loss as the days roll on. Keeping to myself for a while helps I guess. I just want Jeff to enjoy himself to the fullest while we are here. For the most part, I am too. I just need my own space now and then.

That's the cool thing about Hillside. It can be whatever you make it. Tomorrow morning I might talk a walk to the Memorial Gardens they have here. It's a truly solemn place, dedicated to partners, friends and family of visitors that have been lost through the years. It's a cathedral in the woods itself. Anyone who experiences it gets choked up. Or more. I'm sure I will really be in the latter category.
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We have achieved camping. Friends have been spotted and chatted with, good food has been eaten, it's great to finally unwind.

And there are as many unsecured wifi connections as there are trees.

Wish y'all were here. Really.
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The grass was mowed tonight, more stuff packed in the trailer, other tasks done... not much longer. Both of us need a few days away. And, yes, the transmission filter has been changed.

Anyone else going to be at Hillside this weekend? Stop by site 22 and say hi. You'll even get a bearhug or two.
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A short, text-based wrap-up of the past few days, since I am too tired to edit pictures and upload them to my overloaded webspace. I should make use of my personal domains once I set up a hosting plan. I keep putting that off.

Hillside this past weekend was great. New truck hauled the trailer effortlessly, we got set up in no time and enjoyed some uncharacteristically rain-free good weather. We once again played last-trip-of-the-season hosts to [ profile] buffalobear and his sexy, enigmatic partner "The Pork". We also had the good fortune to bring along our good friend Doug along as well, and found out it was his birthday that weekend as well. Lots of good food was cooked and had by our little group, we were able to catch up with some people we had not seen in a while, missed out on meeting one LJer ([ profile] angry_alan and his partner) but socialized with [ profile] rockybear02 and his partner. Repeatedly attacked [ profile] buffalobear with the Nippleizer 9000 much to his delight. Did not roam the campgrounds like we normally do since I was still wobbling around on my bad ankle, but the relaxing weekend did me some good in that respect. Kodi had a great time as well, especially when we took him to the creek again for some romping in the water. He's got a whole lot better at traveling, seemingly gone are the days when he'd toss his cookies in the car even on short trips. The new truck thanks him.

This weekend is going to be another one of traveling, on Saturday, me, Jeff, his mom and one nephew are heading up to a Penn State football game. Jeff is a huge PSU fan, and the opportunity arose to get tix and we jumped on them. Sunday will find us and a bunch of friends hanging out at Knoebels Amusement Park. It's been a while since I've been there. Anyone else game? I am slacking as far as getting my coaster fixes. Maybe I can make it to Cedar Point this year as well. Halloweekends, anyone?
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For the past couple days, the weather has been cool, damp and rainy. This morning was accompanied by a nice steady shower. Since this area has been in a drought for the past few months, the rain is most welcome (by me, at least). I just want it all out of Mother Nature's system before Friday's trip to Hillside.

That is all.
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I've been rather busy lately here, along with Jeff and Kodi, so not much time to formulate coherent posts and multimedia to describe it all. A brief summary: The weekend was a back-to-basics camping trip to Hillside. By back-to-basics, I mean we camped in our tent rather than the uber-trailer. Two reasons, primarily the spot we were assigned was along a road that would not easily accommodate the rig, and the truck is still parked in front of the garage waiting for me to rip out the transmission and fix it. The tent camping was fun as usual, despite three nasty electrical storms that rolled through Friday afternoon and into the night. Things cleared up nicely by Saturday morning though.

In all the themed weekends that Hillside puts on throughout the summer months, we've discovered a gem among them for the past several years. It's "Wrestling, Car Show and Talent Contest" weekend. Seemingly a kind of catch-all grouping of unrelated activities, the weekend has continuous wrestling activities (everything from collegiate to pro styles, on large, expansive mats and a pro-style ring), a chance for car enthusiasts to bring their rides to show and shine, and a talent show that raises money for the local ambulance/rescue squad. Those who have permanent sites in the lower section (the "Village") get together and host a "Village People" party, this year had tons of incredible food, a DJ and various beverages with and without alcohol, free for everyone there. This also ends up being a sightseeing party as well, with wrestly wrestlers, big muscly muscleguys with lots of muscles, bears, car enthusiasts and their prides and joys, and everyone else hanging around and socializing. It's very relaxing, fun, and seems like everyone there is friendly and outgoing.

This was also Kodi's first trip to Hillside. He had a blast. He's also a babe magnet, and plays the part well. He also discovered the creek next to our site and eventually started bounding and splashing around in the water. I dont think I ever saw this dog have so much fun. He behaved well for the most part, and seems to finally gotten over his car sickness and only needs a stop every hour or two to relieve himself.

Today marked my first trip to a couple dealers to check out new trucks. My old Dodge, which has served me very well through 18+ years of hard use, is due for semi-retirement. I had an expected bout of sticker shock as I looked at the new rides that would suit my needs/wants. Looking at Dodges (natch) and the new Chevys, with diesel engines, four doors, long beds, trailer prep, four wheel drive and a modicum of 'luxury' appointments to make travel nice, I'm looking at around fifty grand for what I want. Yikes. It's a lot of money for a truck. I knew this going in, but still, seeing the prices in black-and-white on those window stickers is a bit off-putting. It's not that I cant afford it, I just dont feel it's quite worth it.

Lots of pics and some videos from the weekend. I hope to get some posted soon.

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So much has been going on over here, both good and bad, I dont know where to start. I am way behind in any meaningful updates, and will try to remedy the situation. In the meantime, a summary:

Today: Work, plus an afternoon of dealing with forms and paperwork pertaining to Mom. Mentally exhausting and emotionally painful.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Hillside. In a word: WET. Rain most of the day Friday and Sunday. However the time was spent with Jeff, [ profile] buffalobear and his partner "The Pork", so the rain barely put a damper on the happenings (no pun intended). Spotted some trusty regulars there as well as [ profile] climatebearnj. I shoulda blamed him for the weather.

Last week: Just lots of work and trying to cope in various ways. Life, while not total suckage, is not pleasing me much these days either. Could be worse though.

Near future: Gotta re-roof the house, finish interior work and finish carpentry in the sunroom and at the two new French doors to the deck. A third, similar French door from the basement before winter sets in.

Some days I dont know where to begin.


Sep. 11th, 2005 11:52 pm
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So much to post, yet so lacking in a decent PC to post them with...

Well, it's official now. Jeff and I are back to a long distance relationship, as work and family needs brought him back to PA. We did it before, and I guess we'll do it again. Wasnt easy then, wont be much easier now. We'll make it though. Even our fortune cookies at lunchtime today attested to that fact.

While in PA this weekend, me, Jeff and our buddy Dean (not to be confused with Buddy Dean) piled into the Mini on Saturday and scooted up to The Woods campground for the day to check the place out. Jeff's friends were there for the weekend and invited us out to unwind and see how the place is set up. Niiiiice. With Hillside becoming an increasing nightmare to get reservations for, and with so many of the prime spots already taken even before the registration even begins, it's looking like it's time to find new digs. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy Hillside and all the fun times we have there. I am just sick of being told that there is no 'special' treatment given to the campers there (except for the permanent sites, which is understandable). Wearing out the redial button on the telephones in the beginning of March for days to try and get through for registration has gotten old. You'd think that Jeff, after his 15 years of regular business there and our bringing extras onto our sites would amount to something, but it doesnt. And to top it off, some who have gone to The Woods after being longtime Hillside campers have found out they are no longer welcome at Hillside once their trip to the other place was made known.

Next year should be interesting, to say the least.

The Woods has new accomodations, ample, modern facilities and a lot more to offer. I give the place two tentpoles up.

I've been buried with projects, hence not being able to tend to the PCs. As long as the old server remains working and this crummy laptop holds out, I'll be trying to keep up with my friend's posts when I can. I need to spend about five grand on new doors for the house (plus one for the garage). Installing these will tear up a weekend or two, plus I need to get clamboring around in the trees with my chainsaws among other things to get the yard in shape.

Whoever came up with the phrase "Time Is Money" should realize that the two are diametrically opposite at least as far as I'm concerned. When I had lots of time on my hands during my injuries, I had no money. Now that the money is not an issue, time is nowhere to be found.

In better news, Jeff and I finally gave each other committment rings a couple weeks ago after nearly 5 years together. It feels good seeing that band on my finger.

Much, much more to come...
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This Friday through Sunday marks the last excursion for me to Hillside for the year. Maybe this time the weather wont suck. Hillside has been tougher and tougher to get reservations for, and some groups are essentially hogging spots and making life not quite as enjoyable as it has been in earlier years. I think next year might be a bit different if this continues. Looks like a week of camping will be in the works for Provincetown for sure, but we also might check out other, newer places like The Woods and a couple others. Just to have a break, and to try new things for a change.

I should pump up my forearms to tease [ profile] buffalobear with during the weekend. lol
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In response to [ profile] buffalobear's post featuring me, I present this picture I took of him, no doubt dreaming about big forearms or something:

Here is Jeff and our no-longer-Hillside-virgin friend Kevin muggin' it up for the camera:

I finally got a chance the other day to work on this damn PC and transfer the pics from that weekend among tons of other shots and create backups of everything. I got a 200gig replacement drive for stupid cheap to replace the crashed 250 gig. It ended up being a hardware failure, not just Windows being, well, Windows and deciding to randomly send my data into some other dimension. After my vacation that computer gets it's coolant changed, the (tons of) dust blown out and a new drive, and possibly a replacement video card. Leaving PCs here on 24/7 takes their toll.
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One of the most relaxing Hillside trips ever.

Despite the rains and downpours, the weekend was salvaged by being situated a bit off the beaten path, along the creek. Instead of my usual schmoozing and socializing, me, Jeff, Jeff ([ profile] buffalobear), his partner "The Pork" and Jeff's friend Kevin (confused yet?) hung around the lower section of the campground and just enjoyed the outdoors for the most part.

Kevin was our "Hillside Virgin" for this year, and he loved the place.

Sitting by the campfire, next to the creek with some Pink Floyd quietly playing at night was beyond relaxing.

Of course, by Sunday, the weather was hot and beautiful just in time to pack up and head home.

In two weeks, we'll be back for wrestling/car show weekend (muscles and cars, two of my favorite things) then off to Provincetown for a 'real' vacation. Lawd knows I need one o' those.


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