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Today at the Laurel Amish market, I notice I out-bearded all the Amish men in the place. I also laughed as I was entering the place and saw one of those guys, perhaps my age or so, sitting outside on a bench, smoking, and starting intently at his smartphone, swiping and tapping like an old pro. One thing I have noticed with a lot of the Amish in the area where Jeff grew up, while the horses and buggies are de rigueur, the buggies have LED lighting in a lot of cases, and a good many have cell phones, some are even smartphones. The whole idea of cell phones works with their belief systems in a way that regular landlines couldn't, since they have control of them and can turn them on and off. They help them in their work, and let them keep in touch in emergencies. But seeing this one fella today zipping through screens made me almost lose it. Is there a Scruff or Growlr for Amish?

The place also employs a fair amount of non-Amish, usually high school and college types who are off for the summer. So it was just as strange when a young lady working at the produce counter asked us if we saw Rush at Jiffy Lube Live (we had out merch on from the show). A bit surprised, we said yes, and she informed us she had also been there. We had a nice little discussion as we gathered our produce and paid for it.

That is one high-tech, rockin' Amish market.
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I know it's been a while since I posted anything, By request, I am reposting this from Facebook.

This weekend was Jeff's birthday weekend. I was hoping for decent weather among all the things we had planned. The weather did not disappoint, and the weekend, which included Friday afternoon, really couldn't have been better. We made a last-minute decision to go and watch the Orioles play. Unlike other time when we purchased tix beforehand, we took a shot to see what we could find at the ticket booth at the stadium. I splurged a bit and got us club level seating. The O's squeaked in a win at the last possible moment at the bottom of the 9th and everyone went home happy. We got an early start on Saturday, heading off to Home Depot for more garden supplies, bits to make one more grow frame and some other goodies. After a bit of a break, we headed down to Bristow, VA to see Rush on the R40 tour. 40 years! I was there nearly at the beginning too.

Seeing Rush is an experience unlike any other rock band I know of, and that experience begins well before getting close to the venue. Checking into the hotel 4 or so miles from the venue had people in the lobby in Rush clothing and swag. The TGIFriday's where we got our late lunch/early dinner had I would say 3/4 of the clientele going to the show. But, unlike any other fanbase, there were old greybeards like us, young couples, teens, old folks, grandparents, great-grandparents, you name it. A couple at the restaurant had two young boys, the oldest maybe six. They had Rush shirts on. The crowd entering the venue looked more like what you'd see heading into Disney World. My boys put on an amazing show, as always. We stayed overnight rather than taking a bleary-eyed trip home nearly at midnight. It was a good decision, we picked up late night grub at Wendy's to take back to the room. I slept mostly like a rock for a change.

We headed out early, and integrated our trip home with our weekly grocery grab. A cool bonus was getting there early, at the time when the Burtonsville cruise was in full spring. This little local event, held every Sunday in the spring and summer has grown quite a bit. We walked among the varied cars, trucks and rides. Jeff got his first glimpse of the Slingshot three-wheeler and immediately fell in full lust with it. After snapping lots of phone pics on top of the dozens from last night's show, we got our goodies for the week and headed home to a pair of very appreciative pooches. we took it easy for a change, then had steaks on the grill, big baked potatoes, veggies and an ice cream cake I picked up while Jeff was cooking dinner.

This was the most walking and activity I have had since last September, when my spine gave out again and left me immobile for the entire winter. I managed better than I expected, but dealt with a lot of pain due mostly to having to (try to) stand for the entire performance. I've got the walking part down pretty good. I can even do some not-so-light work if I am able to take numerous breaks. But the thing that is death to me still is standing motionless for more than a few minutes. I was nearly delirious from pain after the show, but I was too blown away from the concert to worry too much. Here's where the overnight stay helped a lot as well.

This was a great weekend, one not so full of work for a change, and one that we had deserved for the longest time.
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So I am puttering around here between my little breaks, listening to Rush Radio. Lots of my faves had been running concurrently. "Xanadu" comes on, so I drop what I am doing at the moment, and do something I had not done in ages.

I played some fucking fierce air guitar.

Mind you, when A Farewell to Kings came out in '77, I had figured out all the guitar parts of that song and was pretty good at it. But, my playing has lapsed big time, sad to say. But that did not stop me from suddenly getting lost in the moment, going over to the killer home theater system and cranking about a kilowatt of sound into the room from no less than 19 individual speaker cones and letting loose. Usually sudden blasting of music here at La Casa Mayhem sends Kodi (or Jeff for that matter) scurrying into some far corner of the house. No, instead I turn to see him sitting there in the recliner, his ears pulled down tightly, watching me with a silly dog-smile on his face. I pointed at him in pure rock star fashion. My biggest fan! Yeeeeeaaaaahhh!


I now return y'all (and myself) to your regularly scheduled weekday.
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Yesterday evening Jeff and I headed down to Nissan Pavilion Jiffy Lube Live to see my boys, Rush. We had the tickets for several months, and now was finally the time to see my favorite band perform their "Time Machine Tour" which, among other older songs, the entirety of Moving Pictures album was the highlight. I had purposely avoided reading the setlist on fan pages, blogs and the like. Doing so kept the songs a complete surprise as each one opened. And damn what a setlist! I swear this band has only gotten better over the years.


As I said previously, we had these tickets for quite a while and that was before I started having serious issues with my lower spine. As this day approached I was worried and sometimes downright upset that I might not be able to make it to the show, since there's more than a fair amount of standing and walking involved. Still, I made it my mission to ignore all that, after all, this is my band we're talking about. But make it I did. After finding my way to the seats, the band was spot-on, they played most of my favorites, with lots of surprises to boot.

But why was I disappointed? )

A few more photos from the concert are in this Flickr set.

We have tix for Cirque du Soliel next Saturday. I think I'll try the best I can to get to that show too. After that, I'll have to wait and see. We gave up tickets for a Penn State football game we had for a while, since there was no way in hell I could do that amount of walking, even if I were to be dropped off right at the stadium doors. We do have tickets for the final game at the end of November. With luck I'll be healed up enough. If not, maybe he can take a friend. I don't want him to miss out on his guys.
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The tour has been announced!

I gotta. I mean, I just gotta. And if you're a fan, so do you. Hard to believe they've been at this for over 36 years.


Aug. 10th, 2009 08:13 pm
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Why? Just because.

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It was a good, busy weekend. Friday night Jeff and I did some shopping, I bought a mount for the LCD teevee in the camper. Saturday I finished up installing the Star Trek horns in the truck, did a few other things around the garage, then we got cleaned up and headed into VA for the evening. Dinner at Ruby Tuesday's, then we found a little wine shop called 'Cork and Fork' where we picked up some bizzarre-looking pasta, some interesting sauce and dip, and a couple bottle of wine which included a bottle of Bitch Barossa Grenache 2005. We couldnt pass it up, especially since the cashier told us that some woman stormed out in a huff upon seeing the pink label with such an offensive term in pretty script. From there a trip to Lowes to pick up some t-nuts for the TV mount project in the trailer. then it was off to the real reason we were in town. RUSH!

Rush was playing the Nissan Pavillion. Jeff was never really a fan, but knew of the 'popular' tunes like "Tom Sawyer" and "Spirit of Radio". And, unless you count a Bon Jovi show, he's never been to a 'real' rock concert. In my ever evolving quest to corrupt his small-town values, the trip to see my favorite band was greatley enjoyed by Jeff, who ended up with a tour shirt to boot. The boys were tight, sounding better than they have in recent years IMO. The setlist contained a lot of suprises too. Songs that havent been heard live since they toured those respective albums I believe.

The setlist, cut to preserve your friends list )

Jeff was amazed at Neil's drum solo (who wouldn't!). Other then getting a bit miffed at two young whippersnappers standing in front of Jeff, there was nothing but good times had by all. Here is another one of those bands that has an impossible-to-classify demographic. Everyone from grey haired old farts like me to prepubescent youths were in attendance. Who knew that Rush would be such a 'family oriented band'? I was going to smuggle my camera into the show, but it needs new batteries. I should get a new 'stealth' camera anyway.

My best friend was able to score front row tickets and meet the band to boot. Lucky bastid.

Since were had taken Kodi off to be doggie-sat and would not be picking him up till later today, we were able to sleep in. And sleep in we did, till after noon. Yikes. I played Norm Abram with forstner bits and nine-ply birch in the basement and finished up the trailer projects.

It was a great weekend.
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Make no mistake about it. I LOVE snow. Always have. Of course, that love came about as a kid, where days off of school and romping around in the white stuff made for fun during my formative years. Later in my adult workaday life, snow can sometimes be a headache, and I got busted up pretty bad in a car accident on my way to work in the stuff. But when I have a rare chance to enjoy a serious snowfall (none of that couple inches shit) and not have to deal with travel, work or other hassles, I relax and just drink it all in. I dont have to worry about being snowed in, I can easily dig myself out and I have the big old 4wd Dodge Cummins to blast around in, there is lots of food and stuff in the house.

This time, the snow started nicely on Saturday afternoon, wrapping it's calming blanket over the area. People stopped driving around, the night fell in a purple-grey fog. During the night that somewhat eerie yellowish brightness can be seen through the windows. Houses in the distance are obscured by the fog, and the lights are barely visible. The quiet atmosphere lets me actually hear the snow hitting the ground in a soft crystalline hiss. There is a certain snugness and warmth in the house when it snows, as the stuff acts as an insulator. I revel in the anechoic silence around me and sleep like, well, a bear in hibernation.

Sunday morning greeted me with 12-17 inches of snow. I grabbed my only working camera and fired off some shots of my winter wonderland. Little did I know there was a huge smudge on the lens that I somehow imported from NYC, so the shots have an appropriate haze to them.

The Blue Atlas cedar in the front yard wears it's coat well.

More Snow Escapades here... )
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I know, I know, too many entries lately. But I had to share this one.

Wanna see something cool? Since I cant link directly (grumblegrumbleserverconfiggrumble), you got to follow a couple steps. First, go here. Click on 'Animation Fun', then download "YYZ" (43meg .wmv video) as you read the little description of the file. Then enjoy. Afterwards, check out the rest of the site.

Thanks to the uber-cool [ profile] bearlover for the heads-up.


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