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Leonard Nimoy, actor who played Mr Spock on Star Trek, dies aged 83.

“Of my friend, I can only say this: of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most… human.”

You might be gone, but your influence on so many, especially in science and space exploration, will live long and prosper.

I'm really broken up about this.

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Today Jeff and I did some things that were way past due in order to get with the season. Firewood is brought up to the house, the snowblower is ready, vehicles are good to go, freezer and fridge fulla goodies, generators ready if needed. The weather radio sent up a couple of SAME alerts for impending winter weather doom. Other than the unfortunate fact that Jeff might end up driving in it Monday, we are all set. Since we live next to a primary road that must be cleared for emergency vehicles, the worst we usually see is the quarter mile from the driveways to the main drag, the to major roads which already have been pretreated. I probably won't go anywhere.

Here's an engaging little ditty in honor of the imminent Weatherpocalypse:


Sep. 30th, 2011 01:04 am
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Here's something to brighten up your Friday.

And another )
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No earth shattering happy episodes today, just some minor successes at work, a dinner of soup and sandwiches tonight and an unintentional nap. But it's happiness in it's own form.

New of the loss of Majel Barrett Roddenberry did temper any of today's happiness though. Her presence through the Star Trek universe was solid, fun and important. More than just Gene Roddenberry's wife, I think her voice as the Enterprise computers through the years defined her role in the series and in real life. Her role as the doting, meddlesome and flirty Lwaxana Troi was more than just comic relief, it had some powerful moments as well. My best memory was in the TNG "Half a Life", where Lwaxana falls in love with a scientist (played by David Ogden Stiers) working to revive their planet's dying sun. The twist here is that the scientist is soon approaching an age where those on his planet practice a form of ritual suicide they term the "Resolution". As with many Trek episodes, stories of the human condition take place, this time about aging, taking care of the infirm, and right-to-life issues taking center stage. Majel's acting abilities shine here as the fate of an entire planet stands uncertain. She will be missed. Yet, somehow fitting, she managed to complete her role once again as the voice of the Enterprise computer, and as such, the heart of the ship, in the upcoming movie. Mrs. Roddenberry died of leukemia.

Thank you, Majel, for all those moments, both happy and sad.


Jun. 13th, 2007 12:05 am
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During the shakedown cruise/maiden voyage of the trailer a couple weekends ago, one of the things we did to pass the time while it rained was watch movies. A friend of mine loaned me RV, starring Robin Williams. While obviously not Oscar material, it was topically entertaining. One thing about the movie that really had me laughing though, was the motorhome being driven by the co-stars. Specifically, it was the horn that motorhome was equipped with:

At the 1:20 mark you will hear the horn. It plays the opening notes to the theme from Star Trek. Upon hearing it the first time in the movie (the movie trailer (no pun intended) shows it playing again later) I exclaimed "I GOTTA HAVE THAT HORN!" among my laughter. So, the other day, on a whim, I did some research and found that a company called Wolo makes it (along with every imaginable musical horn), and it can be bought at, of all places, Since I had a growing list of CDs and DVDs to order, I just had to append that noisemaker to the list. Since I have some gauges and work to do on the truck, I figure I will toss this in for some fun. When I first got the truck way back when, the rather lame, auto horns that came with the truck could not cut it given it's snarling, macho diesel character, so I installed a set of air horns to give it a bit more 'authority'. What's a few more?

Yeah, I'm a geek.
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Well, it's already been posted all over Livejournal that James Doohan, aka Engineer Scott of Star Trek fame died today. It's no secret that Star Trek has touched the lives of so many, especially quite a few on my friend's list. Star Trek was always a big influence on my life in many ways. Of all the characters, I always identified with Scotty. I would have my hands in engines and electronics even before I was in two-digit age, and watching Scotty get the engines running or the shields up at just the last second and saving the day was an inspiration. His character's abilities and pride in his work became a benchmark of sorts for me. So, I was quite a bit saddened when I heard of his death, especially when I learned it was complications from Alzheimer's.

Scotty, here's to ya, laddie. *raises mug of Romulan ale*

I like to think that he is still with us, preserved in a transporter buffer somewhere...


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