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Dec. 5th, 2015 02:19 am
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Yes, I am still here, though my time using LJ is pretty much limited to about once a week, a far cry from days gone by when I would check entries several times a day, leave many comments, and write on a fairly regular basis. For me, it's not just LJ being neglected, but all forms of social media. Recent events have turned many a friends feed into disgusting political diatribes, link farms of massive acreage, and every other imaginable method of getting a point across. I have gotten beyond fatigued from this, even from those posting along the lines of my own ideologies. Interestingly, here in LJ Land, things are rather quiet. I'd normally move my focus here, but, well, I feel like I am in a large but empty warehouse, shouting into the reverberating space where few, if any, even take notice. This space invites me to write in my wordy style, and spend a lot more time crafting an entry, but the end result seems lost in the emptiness. Being that most, if not nearly everyone I would interact with here has moved to that noisy back alley party known as Facebook, I ending up posting there for maximum effect. The very nature of that site prevents me from posting anything substantial, so my entries hold little interest to people that Facebook deems worthy to actually see the posts in the first place. A conundrum it is.

Since it has been over two months since I wrote anything, here is a quick summary. State of the Mayhem, as it were.

-I've been mostly unencumbered by pain, already well into late Fall, which is a first in nearly six years. Normally I seemed to fall apart around September, then be completely housebound for months as I undergo treatments or surgeries that would not turn me around for the better until mid-Spring or early summer. I was able to see the leave change in real time, as well as cleaning them up. This alone, while sounding more like a chore, made me happy with the accomplishment.

-I've been keeping busy, taking on some small subcontracting work for income. It's not much, but every little bit helps. if I last a year without having another rash of spine/nerve problems, I will try to reenter the workforce. I can't bring myself to put forth the effort to find a job only to have my body betray me and ultimately make me lose the job, causing me more and more trouble in the future.

-Family life is mostly unchanged. This is a good thing, as we are still doing things for fun, and nothing really bad has occurred (yet). Time will tell how this pans out.

That's about it for now. Hope everyone reading this is doing well.
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This commercial seems appropriate today.

Jeff's dad is poised to be living in the new place today. He's barely waiting for the final use and occupancy permit. Just in time, as the generator I loaned him to keep the trailer batteries charged bit the dust. No good deed goes unpunished I guess.

Speaking of houses, the new house across the road from me is practically flying up. This is a conventional, stick-built house, and yesterday most of the first floor and a part of the second story are up. I expect the majority of exterior framing to be done today, and probably under roof by the weekend. It won't be long before The House of Seven Terlits is complete either. This crew is working overtime and on weekends.
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Best, to-the-point analogy that depicts where the users of Facebook (and most other social media setups for that matter, even LJ) rank in the grand scheme of things:

In other news, I am sick of the cold, wet and dreary weather that has befallen Mayhem Acres in the last few weeks. While I have been making the best of it by doing inside stuff (a major cleaning, painting and upgrading of one bedroom took place this last week and weekends), it does not do much for my well being. Said extreme bedroom makeover was extended in duration by almost double simply because I was not able to move like I would normally. I still have a whole list of chores, fixes and duties to perform in and around the house and garage before winter sets in, and some things are just not doable in the rain. Jeff and I will make the best of things, I guess. It's hell when no one is around to help, or has excuses not to.
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The last few days have been rather productive given the circumstances I guess. I spent a good amount of New Year's Day and the day after in a buddy's garage (call it Mayhem South) working of Jeff's truck doing some tasks I put off due to both our physical conditions. I had replaced the leaky intake manifold gaskets AGAIN (the 4.3l Vortec engine the truck has is prone to water leaks from the intake manifold, it's a design flaw in the gaskets and the aftermarket redesigned versions were completely out of stock when I first did the repair) as well as a few other tasks. As it turns out, not only do I have to take it slow and easy attempting work while hunched over under a hod these days, my long-time buddy had just been beset by the same sciatic nerve pain that I had been dealing with and ultimately became major surgery to fix. This made a few hour job span two days because of this as well as wanting to spend more time at our respective homes for the weekend. I drove Jeff's now nicely-performing truck home, then noticed in the last mile or so the heat started to disappear and the temp gauge rising. Not good, but I figured there still might be air in the coolant cavitating the water pump or something. Coming home I added more than a gallon of extra coolant. NOT GOOD. No leak to be found in the work area, and nothing going inside the engine. Putting the pressure tester on the engine I discovered a huge leak at the water pump. Cthulhu dammit. I installed this water pump early last year and had fits with the included gaskets. Apparently the alternate ones I installed were no better, one just blew out, apparently from the engine's regained ability to build up proper cooling system pressure. Oh well, that project will be tackled in a few minutes. A couple hours to replace a fifty cent part. Two, actually.

Jeff is back at work since Monday, and doing okay so far. Despite the organization's reworking of his duties to be in an office mostly solo doing less-stressful work, he still came home very tired the last couple days. I hope he does not overstress things while there. Try as I might, I hope his life at home is not such a bother. We both have doctor's appointments on Thursday for our respective ills.

I had put some of the house upgrades on hold for the time being. The very cold and windy weather we were saddled with over the past several weeks was not conducive to cutting two large, 2ft by 6ft holes in my living room ceiling (Ceiling Bear can see Russia from here!) to finish off the skylights only to have frigid air from the attic howling into the house until I get the framing and drywall into place. No fun there. No hurry there, I will do this in the spring when I can also do some painting and other upgrades/repairs as well. Since I have to reframe and replace two exterior doors, I'd prefer there to be warmer weather for exposing the indoors for hours at a time. in the meantime, I am doing small stuff like installing and upgrading the outside fixtures to LED versions. I also have a lot of work to do on other vehicles in the Fleet of Mayhem. The Stratus needs an oil change, new shocks and struts, new plugs and wires and timing belt, the old truck needs a ton of work, and the new truck gets minor attention. Not enough "me" to go around.

My garage buddy showed me his MRI pix. I told him to get ready for the same sort of surgery I had in all likelihood. This is going to be rough on him, as he's the sole breadwinner in the family who runs his own business, and is having mortgage problems as well. I hope he gets through his ordeal a lot faster than I did.

I found this astonishing video via Bearbook. I always found that radio personalities never look like what you imagine from their voices. Also, knowing a few people in the radio biz, I've come up with a not-exactly-kind term of "radio face" to describe people who would not generally be considered anywhere near the vicinity of gorgeous. Here's a case where the face and the voice do not match, yet make for a very uplifting story:

I am always amazed when someone's voice does not "fit in" with their personality or other perceived traits. Look at Susan Boyle, for example, who waddled onto the Britain's Got Talent stage to dismissive words from the judges, only to totally floor them and win not only the audience's hearts, but those of entire countries. It seems Ted's rather unique request for money has paid off too. Expand the comments on the YouTube page for more info. He has the perfect face, and the perfect voice, for radio. I wish him well in his turnaround of life.
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I guess I've been lax at updating things here. I can only sit for so long at the controls here at The Orbiting Headquarters of Mayhem, and going mobile with the nuclear football little lappy is no fun. Anyhoo:

I have dispensed with the walker, I can move about the house normally (albeit slowly) and I can go up and down the stairs with no trouble. Walking for any sort of distance, however, I still need the cane, just in case. Standing no longer produces the slow fire of pain down my buttocks and around my legs, which is excellent. This means the operation was a success in opening up the spinal canal and eliminating the spinal stenosis condition. This gets a major woot. However, there are some complications, most of which have been slowly improving. The pain I feel at the incision/site is getting more bearable, but sitting for any length of time eventually becomes extremely uncomfortable. The necessary pain killers make me feel loopy and drugged, which is to be expected. However, they do their job, and as a side benefit, I have The. Most. Intense. Dreams. Ever. Seriously. Lucasfilm should be able to come up with visuals even close to what I sometimes produce in my sleep. The best so far have been a combination of steampunk and gritty turn-of-the-century steelmill and factory imagery complete with deafening sound, strange characters and all sorts of action. The kicker is the entire scene which played out like an enormous steel town at full production was taking place inside of my body as it was healing from the surgery. Impossible to describe, but how I wish dreams had reruns. X-D

The worst so far involves my legs. From the knees down and ending most intensely at my feet, I have pretty severe numbness. I was told that because of the way my spinal cord was constrained in the bony sections of the vertebrae and one ruptured disc had dug into the spinal cord, there was nerve damage that will take quite a while to regenerate, and that things may not return to completely normal levels. This is upsetting, but I'm willing to let time take its course. Very little has changed since the operation as far as this goes. Patience, patience.

I'm also slowly disappearing. On the scale this morning, I weighed a mere 213 pounds. I don't mind the weight loss while I recover, but I know that over time, a lot of what I lost was muscle mass, especially in my legs. Pants that used to fit snug in the thighs and calves flap around on me like a scarecrow outfit. Once I am (hopefully) back to normal (whatever that is!), I can resume things that kept me beefy over the years.

Lastly, but very important: Thanks bunches to all who sent cards, messages, texts and phone calls while I've been out of commission. You guys 'n' gals are the bestest. So many kind thoughts from unexpected places made taking the entire lack of contact from the expected sources much easier to handle. It's therapy of the most awesome kind.

Tomorrow Jeff and I are going to attempt to celebrate our tenth anniversary together. Time sure flies when we're having fun. Or surgery. ;)
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I received a call from the hospital where my spinal stenosis operation (laminectomy) is to take place on Monday. Everything is a go per my pre-op physical results, so that's good I guess. While not happy to have to go under the knife, I am far more unhappy with my current situation of oftentimes extreme pain, stumbling and downright falling down with ever increasing frequency. Jeff has the unfortunate experience of seeing this stuff happen more and more, and that only adds to how bad I already feel. There's a light at the end of the tunnel, but I still have to get through the surgery aftermath and recovery. I'm not worried about the surgery itself, I'll be asleep for the two-and-a-half hours it is projected to take. I'm not thrilled about being a complete invalid for several weeks post-knife. I'll be sure to sleep off some of it.

Jeff wants to come along with me tomorrow to the doctor's office to hear what will be involved during the operation and what to expect afterward. There will be care and feeding instructions I'm sure. I did the same with Jeff when he saw the doc prior to his operation to fuse vertebrae in his neck. Ironically, I have basically the same problem as he had, but at the opposite end of the spine.

There will be a period of radio silence from Mayhem Headquarters after the surgery date, but I will post an update as soon as I am able. I am just hoping that after all this, life will eventually become "normal" for me. I'm tired of what it has become.
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Jeff and I headed up to Pennslovakia this weekend to drag the trailer back here for its winter stay as well as take care of other business. We went out shopping for a new dishwasher for Jeff's 'rents since their old one finally gave up the ghost after slowly falling apart. We found a display model at a substantial discount. I installed it with little difficulty despite the damn stenosis. We also got them a new microwave by surprise by claiming we needed a new one. Their old one was at least 20 years old by my estimation, and in addition to having lost cooking power over the years (all microwave ovens do this as they age, the magnetron, which is a form of electron tube, wears out with use) the turntable no longer spun, so what you end up with is food that required a long time to cook and has hot and not-so-hot areas. Of course, Jeff's dad thinks there is nothing wrong with the old one. The new one has a sensor that allows for lots of automatic cooking options. I've had one for years now, and grown to love it. I hope they enjoy theirs.

We did a lot of running around, from Amish auctions, Wally World, a little Amish thrift grocery store called Hoover's, my favorite local-ish restaurant (Schiano's), Lowes, and Sears on Saturday despite not being able to get any sleep Friday night from pain and other issues. I managed to do some good work around their place despite it all, and had a bit easier time getting sleep. Sunday we headed off to a little restaurant in Jeff's home town that has been there for eons called Hanna's, for lunch. I had never been there before, but we've had ice cream from the adjoining stand many times. It's a tiny place, with around a dozen items on the menu and a few sides. Jeff and I started snickering soon after arriving because we noticed the average age of the customers (including us!) to be in the low 100s, and once noontime rolled around the place became flooded with people almost instantly. I guess church let out and Jeebus made 'em hungry.

After we left the Geritol rave, we headed into downtown Shamokin and all of its cosmopolitan glory tp pick up several tubs of ice cream from Maurer's Dairy & Ice Cream Shoppe. They are known for their delicious homemade ice creams, most notably one they call "Bittersweet" that is made with milk and dark chocolate pieces that somehow shatter into tiny bits when added to the cold churn. It's actually patented, and several corporate interests have tried to buy the recipe/process from them, but they stand firm. They have conventional flavors as well as some unusual ones. One of the most interesting is "Teaberry" which looks like (and at first tastes somewhat like) frozen Pepto-Bismol. After your brain (and taste buds) process what's going on, the flavors mix and mingle, with a primary minty fruit flavor that hints somewhat of chocolate. Nowhere near as bad as it sounds from my description, it's a definite treat, and a taste adventure to boot. We had gotten several tubs of these because Jeff had told coworkers and friends about the stuff. He had given the stuff out before, and not only have people wanted more, word got around. Since we were bringing the trailer home, we fired up the fridge/freezer to keep everything nicely frozen on the trip home.

The last couple days have not been a lot of fun for me, since I am stumbling and falling at a greater frequency. I hope that relief from this hell comes next week. I'm still trying to get things mostly in order around here prior to being out of commission so I can (hopefully) relax. My legs have become bony sticks now, and I've lost quite a bit of weight. I can't wait for my life to return to its normal state of mayhem.
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Okay, time for an update, an explanation, and an apology, not necessarily in any particular order.

Firstly, my apologies to anyone who got a scare or was otherwise concerned when my LJ vanished without warning. Long story short, it was done to eliminate past and future actions causing problems here at home, nothing more. Circumstances which arose and caused the issues were born out of misunderstandings, and have been rectified. I needed a bit of time to reset my head and just take a break. What I discovered later during that time was quite a few of my LJ friends wondering what happened and showing deep concern. This is very humbling, and for that I thank all of you. Rest assured, I will try and avoid the same thing happening in the future, and if for some reason I have to pull the plug here, I'll leave some sort of warning.

I was reminded by a few of you that this LJ thing, as it is used by some of us, has grown beyond simple blogging or even social media, and has become a close circle of friends with this service as a primary (if not sole) means of communication. If someone disappears suddenly, the cause for concern and need for an explanation goes beyond that of an office koffee klatch or even traditional extended family members. Close bonds and tight friendships form here sometimes, and must be treated as such. I don't know who ultimately reads most of my entries aside from those who leave comments in each particular one. But it's become clear that far more people actually read than comment. I'm one of the most guilty people in that respect. I read everyone on my f-list. You might call it my a-list. But out of the dozens of entries I read each day, I comment with only a fraction sometimes, if that. And I am also guilty of not continuing dialogs within my own posting comment fields. I'm trying to change that. And smack me around if need be. I'm especially dense lately with so much on my mind that I often forget.

As for myself, I'm managing. Not long ago I was able to make use of my seemingly interminable waits between doctor visits and various treatments by focusing my pent-up energies (and frustrations) doing stuff around the house and garage. As my stenosis seemed to worsen, I took to sitting on the floor to do all the tinkering that makes me happy and gives me a sense of accomplishment, since standing had become more and more painful. In the last couple weeks my ability to walk and stand has become excruciating, and even dangerous. I have my cane/stick wherever I go now, and more than a few times, I found myself actually incapacitated, unable to get up or even move my lower torso without extreme pain. This week I have been wrapping up as much stuff as I can and leaving things easier for Jeff to work with as I simply bide my time before my October appointment under the knife. After that day of infamy (or infirmary) there's going to be even more time where I will be pretty much an immobile lump as I heal up and hopefully can begin to resume a normal life. If all goes well, much of what I did around here in the days/weeks/months prior will help set the stage for a simpler life with some cool things thrown in when we both can enjoy it. At least that's what I hope for.

So, there you have it. There's more, but it's not necessary at this time to elaborate. Suffice it to say that while I am feeling rather beaten down right now, I still have a fight left in me. And thanks to some of you, that is a battle worth fighting and fighting fucking hard.

Now, for those who made it this far and did not succumb to the teal deer, I noticed a meme going around. I decided to participate. I was supposed to take a pixture of myself as I am at the moment, no preening and primping, no hairdos, showering, grooming of any kind, costumes, flattering light, or Photoshop treatments. So here I am basking in the unflattering glare of the Luxo lamp with the 100 watt equivalent LED floodlight shining in my face. Prior to the webcam photo I transformed my super heavy duty keyboard drawer into an impromptu workbench to figure out what's with my cell phone. I think I got it sorted out. It's been dropped a lot lately.

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A few peeks at what's been going on with me and my so-called life.

Physical therapy and medication have failed me as a means to control the worsening spinal stenosis in my lower back. I have to wait at least another week for potential relief when the next step is needles in my spine, and, undoubtedly, more PT. If that does not work, surgery is imminent.

Related to the above, I have to get something done with the tendinitis in my left Achilles. My left calf is totally gone too. As someone who was able to walk around light of foot while toting a V8 shortblock, being unable to even pick myself up on my tiptoes is as much a blow to my ego as it is to simple mobility. I am hoping for some relief from this too, after the stenosis is fixed.

Replacing my medical cane with a hiking stick lessens the appearance of crippled old-man syndrome.

The video card in my main server (that also gets me here) died yesterday, in an apparent death boil. The fan seized up, the card overheated, eventually blowing several caps, melting the fan itself and eventually shutting the power supply down. Being a server, I pulled the still-hot card from the box, chucked it on the table, then buttoned up the machine and kept on gittin' it. It's a server, and it has not had an attached display since sometime last year. I have a spare card to use when needed, I'll enjoy the slight energy savings without it for the time being.

Being unable to do a lot of the major stuff around here has been driving me crazy. The water heater upgrade from April became a complete plumbing overhaul, done in small sections as my body allowed it. This should result in even more energy savings, and an ability to essentially "plug in" upgrades such as solar water heating, hydronic house heat and other upgrades without having to alter anything already existing. All the hookups and required equipment are already in place. This is for some near-future enhancements.

All has not been projects in fits and starts and constant pain. Jeff's birthday was fun, he was invited to his boss' house for a Memorial day pool party/cookout, as was I, and he was given a Brinkmann smoker-grill. The grill got it's inaugural use last weekend at our first weekend camping trip to Hillside. The camping trip was nice and needed, as a stress reliever for both of us. I kept mostly to the site and took it easy. Prior to all this, we had the pleasure of seeing Sugarland perform at Merriweather Post Pavilion, basically in our back yard. It was an energetic, fun show. I took my Canon S3-IS with me and snagged lots of decent shots as well as a few videos.

There's more, I'll save that for a later post.
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At the moment there is an odd, strong thunderstorm rumbling happily outside, making a mess of the leaves that I am hoping to deal with this weekend. This summer as I was busy playing cripple the yard pretty much was neglected. I hope to get the yard cleaned up for the winter, and next year do a lot more than I have been to keep the place looking nice. It's shaping up to be an involved '10 regarding upkeep and upgrades to the house. The front door and the double basement doors will get replaced, the deck refinished and the driveways patched and sealed in the least. This is our home, and it gets priority.

Jeff has been incredibly busy with the new job and has yet to find his 'niche'. That will hopefully balance out in the coming weeks a bit more, and the time around the holidays should be a bit more relaxed and less uncertain than it's been. That will certainly do us both a lot of good.

My work schedule has changed for the next several weeks as my 9/80 work weeks have reverted back to a 'normal' 40-hour week. The holidays being as they are, I will still have some long weekends to look forward to, and my day is an hour less drudgery and stress. I might throw some overtime into the mix for holiday spending.

I've been slowly (too slowly for my tastes) getting the workshops in order, but you'd hardly know it from looking at things. Still, I am getting stuff a bit more in order, my tools and equipment organized and tuned and a whole lotta junk and cruft ready for a trip to the recycling/landfill. Since I have the period between xmas and gnu ear off, one of those days will be spent making several truckload runs. I have a growing assortment of parts to pour into the old Dodge truck to get it roadworthy once again. both of us driving a pair of full-sized trucks should cut down on trips. I just wish I could recruit more help in all of this.

Jeff and I are making noises about more trips and time off next year. I sure hope it becomes a reality.I sure could use it, more than ever.


Nov. 9th, 2009 11:45 pm
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I guess it's getting time for a substantive post from me for a change. A lot has been going on, but I have not been in the most sharing of moods. In a nutshell, my health is been okay, but I have not had my necessary operations yet. I'll be hashing things out with the various doctors, but as it stands, I am not going to move ahead with anything until after the holidays. I'd rather my recovery time be spent in the dead of winter where I would not be tempted to take part in any major projects or feel I am missing out on anything and feel glum as a result. In other words, lots of hibernating. I do that so well in the cold weather.

Halloween weekend was spent putting the trailer away until next spring. We left it in PA this time instead of bringing it home, this will give me more space for the house roofing to be done and work I have yet to finish on the garage. We got a cover for the thing which will help keep it clean, and all the water systems have been drained and winterized with antifreeze. I hope this time there will be no damage like I discovered in the spring which cost me a new pump.

This past weekend we managed to open our house to friends and have a nice little dinner party/gathering. As I had written one too many times, such shindigs had become completely hopeless due mostly in part to Jeff's work getting in the way. This time, with Jeff's new job and the comfort in being pretty certain that nothing will dash our plans to hell, Jeff invited several friends, new and familiar. We had a great time, the fridge is still crammed with leftovers and we are planning to do many more in the future. I refrained from inviting anyone save for one person, since I was still gun-shy from our previous failures. Since this went off so nicely, I will get my ass in gear and help add more to the festivities. Maybe an LJ party? Who knows. I'm just happy knowing that these things seem to be doable absent the fear of the inevitable phone calls from work at the last minute.

This Saturday we will take in another Penn State football game. These are fun, and hopefully we won't be sitting in snow. Though even that might make things more interesting.

Work issues surrounding me still suck, our department is going to be uprooted and moved off site, this will create a logistical nightmare and only fuel more disgust I have with a department I used to actually enjoy working for. Perhaps it's time for a change, after all, 27 years in one place can be rather soul-sapping.

I might make more use of my LJ as the cold weather creeps in, and especially if I am once again stuck at home and unable to do much else. I'm just glad I have this little world to observe now and then.
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I had a colonoscopy a little over a week ago. It did not go well, nor was the news good. At least it was expected. More on this later*.

Jeff and I did some camping the past few days. I mostly kept to myself. I just don't like being around people I don't know.

On Monday, Jeff and I took his mom to the beach. In all her years, she has never seen the ocean. It was even bigger and more impressive than she imagined. While Jeff and Mom walked on the beach with their shoes on, I shed my BigAnnoyingStompyAircastFromHell and walked barefooted. The Atlantic, seeing Jeff's mom for the first time as well, could not contain her glee and made a perfectly targeted high-tide greeting right where we were standing, swamping all our feet on what was dry sand not a moment before. Those two had to endure the rest of the day in waterlogged, sand-soaked shoes. I had my BigAnnoyingStompyAircastFromHell. I don't really know who was better off.

What was to be Jeff's first actual week off from work since all the canceled vacations and ruined weekends was, almost predictably, ruined by some very high drama phone calls barely two hours into his time off. This practically wrecked our time off once again. Jeff had an ace up his sleeve this time. More on this later*.

I've continued in my efforts to eliminate various profiles on the few remaining social websites I no longer use. Some, like, leave me unable to do anything worthwhile on the site because I am not a paying member, yet use profiles such as mine as a means to attract paying members. Not to mention the increasing amounts of bacn and shady business practices took me from just ignoring my profile to finally eliminating it. Facebook is going next, since I had enough bad experiences there as well. The spew of apps and unending memes killed it for me. And from the Department of Just Plain Stupid, Bearciti.

*My LJ is currently on life support. I've lost interest here for the most part and will probably not be posting much, depending on how things stack up here in coming months. I've gone out and deleted comments I had left where I had come to the conclusion they were no longer welcomed, and will no longer make comments in those areas. I'm going to leave this as is, keeping it as a final outpost for contact aside from email and a couple IM services. I've reverted back to my mostly private existence, which served me well for all those years. No one really needs to know intimate details of my life, and I certainly don't need such minutiae mined by corporate interests.
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The excruciating pain I was feeling in my knee was not subsiding anytime soon, so it was back to the doc to have needles stuck in it and shot up with steroids. Still hurts like hell. Time will tell if this is a remedy. It seems I am getting tendinitis everywhere.

I have all of the trim, J-channels and weatherstripping I need to finish up the garage doors project for good. I came up with a unique setup allowing me to deadbolt the doors from outside if needed (such as when I am away from home for an extended period) but they can only be unlocked from inside. Being that the area around me is getting more and more built up, I can't take chances with my investments of tools and machinery inside. After I get other items on the house and garage taken care of (roofs, mainly, plus a basement door and skylights) I have to replace two cheap wooded windows that refuse to open any more. 20 years since I built all this it's come to the point where things need replacing. Time flies. And, because of this, so does my savings.

I hope I can become mobile without so much pain again so I can take care of these things. I want to get a lot done before spring, allowing springtime for the outdoor stuff so Jeff and I can take some time to relax and socialize. No word yet on our P-Town reservations, and tonight we made reservations for Deep Creek Lake at the end of May.

There's some nasty weather in the works. Jeff had to pack a bag in case things get nasty and he's stuck staying overnight. I found that his truck has a leak in the front tire that I am not able to deal with at the moment, so he's gonna be driving The Strat in the snow. He's not too comfortable with that, but the thing does well in the snow, especially with the Bridgestone RE-960AS tires. I told him he's just gonna have to wash it.

I'm not looking forward to the next couple days either, I already have trouble walking, doing so on ice and snow makes it that more miserable.

I printed the picture of Jeff with The Hat and he took it to work. It was a hit. He knows he makes it work.


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