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Happy Pi Day from The Lab of Mayhem!

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As everyone seems to know, a lot of snow fell here recently, and I waited until the next day (Wednesday) to hobble out of the house to the garage, fire up the snowblower and have at it. It wasn't a huge snow, only about 6-7 inches. Anyhow, since my back is in absolutely no shape to even touch a snow shovel, mostly hanging from the handles of the big, self-propelled snowblower is fairly easy, and I have to say, sending a rooster tail of snow high into the air that blots out the sun in my general vicinity is kinda fun. It does, however, fly back at me quite a bit, and after about an hour I pretty much look like the abominable snowman by the time I'm done. I park the thing in the garage, trudge back into the house where I strip myself of my snow-covered outerwear, boots and whatnot and otherwise dry off. While I got most of the snow off of me, I didn't realize there was close to two inches on top of the geeky Mad Bomber hat I use to keep my big flappy ears warm. I set this in the kitchen sink to thaw out, and shook the copious icicles out of my beard. I relax a bit, sore and hurting from the exertion (which I still am as of this writing). I play with the various four-leggers in the house, including the stray cat that makes herself all-too-comfy here. A little while later, I head to the kitchen for a snack, and I notice a furrball on the kitchen counter. The damn cat is always jumping up, looking for anything she can to eat. I yell like I usually do to shoo her off. It was then I realized I was yelling at the hat I put in the sink earlier.

I had a good laugh at my own expense.

Bonus irony points: It was at this time the doorbell rang, it was UPS delivering one of my purchases. A new, black Milwaukee electrically heated jacket. That would've been nice to have on while doing the snow. Well, I know how my irony goes. I was wearing my old red version while slingin' snow. Take that, old irony monster.
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So, the other weekend Jeff and I were at the grocery. We always look around in the "ethnic foods" aisle for interesting items, often finding some interesting items to challenge our palettes. Imagine my third-grader glee upon finding this. Bonus points for the brand name being the same as my surname. Heh heh, I said "bone us."

Food review whenever we get around to making this.
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I've been spending a bit more time skimming Facebook, being that so many former LJers left for the hustle and bustle of the big time over there. I also have quite a few people who were never on LJ in my friends list as well. One thing I have noticed on occasions is a rather humorous relationship between adjacent entries in the "news feed." These happen by chance, but make me wonder if there isn't some behind-the-scenes shenanigans going on. This one, for example, made me choke on my drink tonight.

I mean, really. Too close for coincidence, eh? LOL
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Right wingers, religion-addled nutcases and even self-hating closet cases go on and on about how Teh Gheys™ are out to destroy "traditional" marriage. It's all a big lie, of course, but that gigantic fact is lost in all the stupid. However, if indeed some nefarious homosexual wants to set out and eliminate so-called traditional marriage, may I suggest a drone strike!

This is actually a wedding photo shoot gone wrong. Some overenthusiastic wedding photographer and, presumably, RC flight enthusiast decided to "wed" his two pursuits by attaching a GoPro video camera to a Phantom quadrotor RC helicopter and use the contraption to take flyby/flyover video of his subjects. By the comments in the video, it seemed the first take went well and the photog decides to do another take. This one resulted in too much forward speed and not enough lift, and it literally took down the poor couple. It is kinda funny, but it could have been a lot worse. The groom received a cut on his head, but the couple still laughed it off. With four fast-spinning rotors, the thing is basically a flying weedeater.

So much for the sank titty of marriage.

I want one.

All ears

Aug. 9th, 2013 03:28 pm
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My (not so, anymore) little Snickles is a Miniature Pinscher. Min Pins are the result of crossbreeding Dachshunds with Italian Greyhounds. The result is what appears to be a tiny Doberman. Of course, Snickles likes to think of himself as a full-on Doberman, complete with a Tasmanian Devil growl (it's hilarious at times) and a take-charge attitude. I have to remind him that he is really just a sausage dog on stilts. Nowhere can this be demonstrated better than with his big, wonderful ears.


It is usually common practice to dock the tails and ears of Min Pins for whatever reason, I guess to give them that Dobe style. I see it as cruel, since the ears and tail of this dog are so expressive. Nothing beats the sight of a wagging tail, especially not an oscillating stub. As for the ears, da Snick and I are brothers from a different mother.

Yeah, I'm a dog intactivist I guess.

Edit: Don't let all this cute fool you. A few minutes ago he somehow managed to get hold of a ballpoint pen and chewed it to smithereens on the freshly cleaned living room carpeting. Yes, the carpeting is ruined now.

Bear stuffs

Jul. 8th, 2013 12:39 pm
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Here's a silly little video just in time for Bear Week in Provincetown next week, from local artist Tom Goss.

Who else is heading to PTown?


Feb. 2nd, 2013 10:50 am
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No shadow. Y'all owe me one. ;-)
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Jeff and I were at the local grocer this past Sunday. I usually get a few bagels since they are usually very good at that store, and they have a variety to choose from. This time, however, I was completely floored. I had to buy these two that were in the display case:


Yes, they are a very bright green. I am assuming for St. Patrick's Day which will be here soon. I am not aware of any upcoming Martian invasions, though the latest thing with the solar flare-ups and that whole 2012 foofaraw might play a part. Not to mention radiation escaping from Japanese nucular reactors 'n' stuff.


These things are simply the "regular" bagels with what appears to be a gallon of green food coloring added. They are delightfully green inside and out, yet taste just like the Earthlings I also picked up that day. They stay green toasted, and are deeee-lish. Sometimes you just have to have fun with your food.

But, really. Green bagels?

Go again

Feb. 9th, 2012 03:58 pm
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Once again, OK Go have come up with yet another entertaining video. This one started life a Super Bowl commercial, with only the intro being seen on TV, with a link to see the rest online. The click was well worth it. Embiggenate and crank the volume for best effect.

There is an article in a recent Car and Driver magazine here at the house that gave details on the making of the video, the history of the band themselves, and how OK Go have morphed away from the typical label-slave "indie" band to plying their craft as they do now, as a series of sponsored videos being the main attraction as well as live shows. I gotta give the guys props for making music that is as much fun to watch as listen to.
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Our Kodi, he's so kute...

And he so krazy too.


Sep. 30th, 2011 01:04 am
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Here's something to brighten up your Friday.

And another )
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Jeff and I were watching TV in the kitchen while making dinner the other day. The news are on, and a story came on regarding 40-something people at a rehabilitation clinic being sent to local hospitals because of carbon monoxide poisoning. Apparently there was some sort of heating machinery malfunction and the resulting vapors moved throughout several interconnected buildings. Me being me, however, could only say this:

"They tried to make me go to rehab but I said, 'CO, CO, CO!'"

I managed to exit the kitchen without food being thrown at me.
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Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some leaked albums to download.
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Words to live by, updated for the internet age:

Dance like the photo isn't being tagged,

love like you've never been unfriended,

and tweet like no one is following.

Yeah, pretty much works like this now, huh?
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So I am puttering around here between my little breaks, listening to Rush Radio. Lots of my faves had been running concurrently. "Xanadu" comes on, so I drop what I am doing at the moment, and do something I had not done in ages.

I played some fucking fierce air guitar.

Mind you, when A Farewell to Kings came out in '77, I had figured out all the guitar parts of that song and was pretty good at it. But, my playing has lapsed big time, sad to say. But that did not stop me from suddenly getting lost in the moment, going over to the killer home theater system and cranking about a kilowatt of sound into the room from no less than 19 individual speaker cones and letting loose. Usually sudden blasting of music here at La Casa Mayhem sends Kodi (or Jeff for that matter) scurrying into some far corner of the house. No, instead I turn to see him sitting there in the recliner, his ears pulled down tightly, watching me with a silly dog-smile on his face. I pointed at him in pure rock star fashion. My biggest fan! Yeeeeeaaaaahhh!


I now return y'all (and myself) to your regularly scheduled weekday.
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I got zero sleep last night. I started to feel a bit drowsy around midnight, so I called it a day, hoping to get some decent rest. Well, that was not gonna happen. My legs became a firestorm of pins and needles and half my joints ached like hell. I ended up rolling around uncomfortably in bed until 4am, when Jeff went to work. I got up, made a tiny breakfast, and began unpacking some of the skylight pieces. I did some reading and sorting through parts, getting stuff ready for installation. My body was such a mess, I gave into the pain, popped a painkiller and went out to the sofa and laid down. I had put on some spacey prog rock and set the Winamp visualizer to give me a continuous psychedelic light show At roughly between 9:30 and 10am, I finally drifted off into dreamland via The Court of the Crimson King. Alas, my screwed up slumber was not to last, the phone started ringing and people started showing up at the house. I then decided to go ahead and begin installing the sun tunnel skylight interior bits.

I kept a poky pace resting between trips into the attic and running around below, cutting the ceiling out as well as the attic flooring and framing and eventually had all the inside work done. Not difficult, but kinda dragging simply because I did not want to overdo things. In the midst of it all, however, I figured I could get silly.

The interior skylight pieces are all in. By Sunday, appropriately, daylight should be shining through it. I'll be taking pictures and stuffing them into a Flickr set as I go along.

I'm gonna try to get to bed early, with luck, I'll get some sleep, if not, I'm gonna be a zombiefied mess for sure.
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My honey, 'tis of thee,
Sweet man so dear to me,
Of thee I... uh... Photoshop?

(He wasn't so keen on the mohawk anyway!) ;)
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You know I could not resist doing this...

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Jeff and I save on haircuts because we give them to each other. The savings, however, get used up on taking lil' Kodi to the groomer, but that's another story. When Jeff buzzes my hair, he takes care of business and doesnt fool around. Me, on the other hand, likes to tinker and experiment, as you all know so well. So the same applies to his hair as I am cutting it. I cut swirls, patterns and whatnot before finishing off. But what I usually do is give him a mohawk. He finally let me take pictures of it, and, amazingly, allowed me to post them. He does not think much of it, but I think he seriously rocks the 'hawk. You decide.


Instant Brit Punk. Never mind the bollocks.


I finally get a smile

Oi. Three posts in a row. So unlike me.


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